Fisheries old building finally demolished

img1486471727042The Fisheries old buildings on the ocean and lagoon side of the main road through Teone have now finally been demolished. The demolition of the old building was performed in three weeks by Aaron of Timber Construction Services (TCS) from New Zealand and a few local workers. Now all the old buildings are gone and TCS is building a work area on the ocean side where they will put all the building materials while they clear and level the lagoon side land. The new Fisheries building will be built on the lagoon side of the road.

Three additional staff from TCS arrived on today’s plane. The two builders will take over from Aaron, who was responsible for the demolition. Soon there will be a selection of local workers that will be needed, as carpenters and electricians. And following that, construction will begin. The completion date of the new construction will be in September 2017, recently delayed due to a three-week shipping delay of materials.