There are five collections within the Fisheries physical library which include: periodicals, references, general collection, audio/visual and the country (Tuvalu) collection.

The recent fisheries library repository includes 3,178 soft copies within the Fisheries library network shared drive, 223 hard copies within the physical library and 112 have been scanned and repaired. Recent Documents and fisheries publications have been uploaded to the website.

These documents (hard & soft copies) and publications in the library date back to 1978 covering all aspects of fisheries development and management carried out in-country.

We are in the process of recovering old reports and digitising them for general use. Many of these will be made available either on this website or by request.

This will enable the Fisheries Department to provide a better service to its clients in the future.

Matelina Stuart maintains the library and you can contact her via the contacts page.

Fisheries Publications

Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2020-2022
Corporate Plan 2017-2020

Annual Work Plans

Annual Work Plan 2022
Annual Work Plan 2019
Annual Work Plan 2021
Annual Work Plan 2020
Annual Work Plan 2018
Annual Work Plan 2017
Annual Work Plan 2015

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2019
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2016

Fisheries Management

Funafuti Monitoring & Management Consultations 1 (FMMC1) Final Report
Funafuti Reef Fisheries Stewardship Plan (FRFSP)

Technical Reports

Creel Report Card Nukulaelae
Creel Report Card Nanumea
Creel Report Card Nanumaga
Creel Report Card Niutao
Creel Report 1, 2016
Creel Report 2, 2018
Creel Report Card Vaitupu
Creel Report Card Nukufetau
Creel Report Card Nui
Creel Report Card Funafuti
Creel Report Card All Islands

Nukulaelae Creel Report Card 2016-2019

Trip Reports / Fieldwork

Te Akau o Talie Trip Report
Metro 1 Report
Metro 2 Report (Central Is.)
Metro 3 Trip Report
Metro 4 Trip Report
Metro 5 Trip Report (Northern Is.)

Posters, Pamphlets and Stickers

FRFSP Poster on Nutrition
FRFSP Poster A2
Fish Size Sticker

Partner Projects

CPMO TV HSSP Enviromental and Social Management Plan
CPMO TV HSSP Stakeholder Engagement Plan
CPMO TV HSSP Labour Management Procedure
CPMO TV HSSP Environmental and Social Commitment Plan
PROP WB Environmental Compliance

Fisheries Legislation

Te Kete National Strategy 2021-2030
Marine Resources Act 2006
Fisheries VMS Regulations 2000
Funafuti Conservation Area (FCA) Order 1999
Maritime Zones Act 2012
Wildlife Conservation Act 1972, 1990