imageThe fisheries library is situated in the Coastal office, a small shelf in the corner where the fisheries librarian has her work desk. The collection consists of Tuvalu publications related to fisheries development written by local staff of the Tuvalu Fisheries Department as well as other organizations that based their research on Tuvalu fisheries. The small collection contains soft and hard copies of 227 local fisheries publications. Other reports and books in the library date back to 1986 covering all aspects of fisheries development and management carried out in-country. At present we have 78 hard copy reports on Tuvalu’s fisheries, plus 98 electronic reports. We are in the process of recovering old reports and digitising them for general use. Many of these will be made available either on this website or by request.

This will enable the Fisheries Department to provide a better service to its clients in the future.

The library is maintained by Matelina Stuart and you can contact her via the contacts page.

Fisheries Publications

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Corporate Plan

TFD Corporate Plan 2017-2020 (1.6 Mb)

TFD Corporate Plan 2020-2022 (1Mb)

Annual Work Plans

TFD AWP 2015 (1 Mb)

TFD AWP 2017 (2.3 Mb)

TFD AWP 2018 (535 kb)

TFD AWP 2019 (1.53 Mb)

TFD AWP 2020 (1.41Mb)

TFD AWP 2021 (1.60Mb)

Annual Reports

TFD Annual Report 2016 (2.5 Mb)

TFD Annual Report 2017 (1.8 Mb)

TFD Annual Report 2018 (2.02 Mb)

TFD Annual Report 2019 (2.3 Mb)

TFD Annual Report 2020

Trip Reports

TFD Metro 1 Trip Report Northern Islands Jun/Jul 2016 (702 kb)

TFD Metro2 Trip Report Central Islands Aug/Sep 2016 (1.4 Mb)

TFD Metro 3 Trip Report South Islands Nov 2016 (1.3Mb)

Project Documents & Due Diligence

Tuvalu NAPA II ProDoc & Annexes (4.2Mb)

Tuvalu ICT Environmental & Social Management Plan Final (3.4 Mb)

Fisheries Monitoring & Management Consultations (FMMC)

FMMC1 Report 23-24 Feb 2017 (877 kb)

Management Plans

Funafuti Reef Fisheries Stewardship Plan FRFSP (4.5Mb)

Technical Reports

TFD Creel Survey Report 1 2016 (958 kb)

TFD Creel Survey Report 2 2018 (2.2Mb)

Coastal Fisheries Report Card ALL ISLANDS, March 2020 (802 kb)

Coastal Fisheries Report Card FUNAFUTI, March 2020 (805 kb)

Coastal Fisheries Report Card NUI, March 2020 (773 kb)

Coastal Fisheries Report Card NUKUFETAU, March 2020 (754 kb)

Coastal Fisheries Report Card VAITUPU, March 2020 (761 kb)

Ciguatera Fish Poisoning report, July 2020 (936 kb)

Posters, Pamphlets and Stickers

FRFSP Poster

Nutrition Poster

FishSize Sticker

Fisheries Legislation

Marine Resources (Amendment) Act of 2017

PROP Publications

PROP Environmental And Social Management Framework 2020-2021