Closed: Vacancy Advertisement: 2 Community Fisheries Officer

Are you passionate about fisheries and eager to make a difference in your community? The TFSP2 project under the Tuvalu Fisheries Department is recruiting two Community Fisheries Officers to work in Niutao and Nukufetau. If you have a strong educational background or seaman training experience and are dedicated to enhancing fisheries management in your home […]

Tuvalu Takes Bold Steps to Access Lucrative EU Fish Market

In a significant development for Tuvalu’s fishing industry, the country has taken critical steps to secure a spot on the European Union (EU) market. Two key initiatives have been launched recently, marking a substantial leap forward for the nation’s aspirations to boost its economic prospects. From August 7th to 18th, 2023, the Institute of Applied […]

Tuvalu Fisheries Laws and Relevant Judgements

Laws, Regulations and other Instruments applying to Fisheries in Tuvalu: Tuvalu Marine Resources Act (2006): CAP 48.16 Fisheries (VMS) Regulations(2000): CAP 48.20.3; Conservation and Management Measures (PNA 3IA) Regulations (2009): LN 17 of 2009; Marine Resources Amendment Act (2012); Marine Resources Amendment Act (2017); Maritime Zones Act (2012)(2012); Declaration of Archipelagic Baselines (2012): LN 7 […]