Inshore Fisheries Officers trained on the study of reef fish size limits.

To be capable to set fish size limits, 10 coastal fisheries officers have been trained in the assessment of size at maturity for different fish species at the fisheries office in Teone. The 3-day training programme on Zoom began on Wednesday with the theory of sampling training, practical work in the laboratory on Thursday, and […]

Request for Quotations – Ice Machines: Supply of seven (7) flake ice machines for Tuvalu’s outer islands

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD) is seeking quotations for the supply of 7 small flake ice machines for installation in Community Fisheries Centres in the outer islands of Tuvalu. Specifications: We require a flake ice machine that can produce 350-500 kgs of ice per 24 hours under ambient conditions of water temperature 25○C; and ambient […]

Newly recruited fisheries officers for Outer-island communities.

7 new community fisheries officers have been recruited by the TFD to manage and develop community fisheries in each of Tuvalu’s main outer islands. The seven new CFOs and the island that will be their work base, are: Panapa Tofiga – Nanumea Ielemia Kapua – Nanumaga Savelio Kaveni – Niutao Sione Tepaa – Nui Amoga […]

Fishers on Tuvalu Northern Island boost their understanding of new fishing practices by utilizing new fishing gear

Four TFD staff travelled on the old RV Manaui early this month to conduct new fishing methods training to 20 fishermen on each remote northern island of Tuvalu included, Nanumaga, Nanumea and Niutao in order to further their knowledge on new fishing methods utilizing new fishing gears provided by the Overseas Fisheries Cooperative Foundations OFCF, […]

New Zealand Funded TFSP2 holds its first Governance Committee Meeting

The New Zealand funded Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme Phase Two (TFSP2), which started in January this year, recently held its first six-monthly Governance Committee meeting to review progress with the project. The meeting, between senior officials of the Tuvalu Ministry of Fisheries and Trade and New Zealand’s MFAT was held by video conference on 27th […]

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: Review Consultant – GEF Completion Note of Tuvalu PROP

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. The consulting services (“the Services”) include a thorough review of the GEF grant for PROP, analyzing the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of […]

Latest Department Metronome Trip : A milestone in the annual work plan

Seven Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD) officers carried out one of the regular outer islands ‘Metronome’ trips during August. This trip was to the southern islands (Nukulaelae & Niulakita), to liaise with the Kaupule (island council) members and the communities and to carry out fisheries work programme activities. The team was away for one week, from […]

Coastal Fisheries Meeting with Funafuti Fisherman Association (FFA/FTFF)

The Coastal Fisheries section held a meeting with the Funafuti Fisherman Association on the 9th February 2017 Thursday in the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel conference room. The meeting was commenced at 9;15 am led by the Principal Fisheries Officer of the Coastal division. The meeting was about sharing information with the Funafuti Fisherman Association actually about […]

Kacific Satellite Broadband a Game-changer for Tuvalu Fisheries?

Slow to at times non-existent internet speeds are severely hampering the development of the Tuvalu Fisheries Department. Email communications within the country and with the outside world are extremely poor for most of the staff and it is very difficult to research topics, access resources (such as support resources provided by our Regional Technical partners), […]