New Fisheries Building in 2015

The Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme (TFSP) is a five year support programme which will be run between 1st July 2014 and 30th June 2019, and will build on the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)-funded Institutional Strengthening Project (ISP) that ran between 2012-2013. One of the key outputs of the TFSP is […]

Operations & Development Division

Fisheries remains an important source of food, income and cultural identity for the people of Tuvalu. While the majority of fish consumed locally comes from coastal fisheries, production has decreased significantly in the last decade despite indications in our island communities of increasing fishing pressure. This suggests that the marine resources that support coastal fisheries […]

Coastal Fisheries Division

All of the Tuvaluan population is coastal and highly reliant on inshore fisheries for their subsistence and local economic needs. Coastal fisheries are grossly undervalued in national accounting and development planning. Decades of poor or neglected management means that many coastal fisheries are fully exploited. Boom and bust exploitation has nearly collapsed the reproductive stocks […]

Oceanic Fisheries Division

The Oceanic division serves two key functions: Managing fishing access, through licensing of foreign tuna fishing vessels and collection of data on their operations; and the Policing of our fisheries waters (EEZ) to prevent and deter unlicensed fishing and ensure compliance by licensed vessels with the terms and conditions of their fishing licenses. The division […]

Internal Management

The TFD work programme in 2018 will continue to focus on strengthening of the Department’s internal management and coordination arrangements and just like in 2017, it will be done primarily through monthly meetings of the internal Senior Management Committee (SMC). the SMC was formalized in 2015 compromising the Director, Deputy Director, Legal Officer, Fisheries Economist, […]