Closed: Outer Islands Data Collectors for Tuvalu Fisheries Department (24/2/17)

TFD Logo - final 24Feb15The Tuvalu Fisheries Department is inviting suitably qualified young men and women of a minimum age of 18 years to fill the vacant positions of 8 Outer Island Data Collectors (OIDCs) on each island. Applicants must be physically and mentally fit and should be a permanent resident of the island he/she is applying from as the selection will be based on which island applicant is applying from. The objectives of the recruitment is to create a team of data collectors to collect information on fishing activities and catches on all the islands of Tuvalu on behalf of the Fisheries Department.

Scope of Work

Each data collector will be responsible for organising his/her time to interview fishermen, collect data and properly measure and weigh all fishes caught and landed by fishermen. All data collected will be transmitted to the Tuvalu Fisheries Department by hard copy on each trip of the inter-islands shipping services and where possible electronically.

Data Collectors are under the supervision of the Principal Fisheries Officer – (Coastal Fisheries) and Senior Fisheries Officer – Management (Outer Islands) and their responsibilities will include:

  1. Carrying out regular data collections of all fisheries activities being undertaken on the assigned island through meeting fishers of all kinds as they land their catch, and recording all data required in English;
  2. Undertaking training in Funafuti as may be required by the PFO or SFO;
  3. Maintain all equipment and report losses, or breakages immediately with minimal disruptions;
  4. Undertake regular self-training using books, electronic or other sources to learn the scientific names of all fished resources, continuously improving personal knowledge as time goes on;
  5. Carefully maintaining all data collected, checking them, ensuring they are complete, storing them safely and sending them to Funafuti with each vessel trip to the island;
  6. Attending meetings with fishers, the Kaupule, Falekaupule or community held by Coastal staff from Funafuti during their regular metronome trips;
  7. Assisting with logistics and surveys being carried out by Coastal Staff during their regular metronome trips;
  8. Carrying out any other fisheries-related tasks as may be assigned by the PFO or SFO.

Qualifications & Experiences

  1. Applicants are required to have passed Form 6 examinations from a recognized secondary school;
  2. The ability and willingness to organise sampling schedules within the work time allocated, and efficiently gather data from fishers landing their catches at night or very early morning;
  3. Willingness to continuously improve their ability to scientifically identify all fished species and do on-going work;
  4. Possess outstanding data collection skills to ensure data are accurate and fully recorded;
  5. Good inter-personal communication skills;
  6. Good command of written English and the ability to translate Tuvaluan on-the-fly to English for recording responses on the datasheets;
  7. Ability to meet deadlines; and,
  8. Any kind of tertiary qualification in science, especially biology, previous work-experience in any type of data collection, particularly in a fisheries-related field is an advantage.

Detail term of reference of these positions, remuneration package and other relevant information are available for collection at the Coastal Management Unit of the Fisheries Department Office or email to these addresses and

All applications are required to be addressed to the Director, Fisheries Department, Government Building, Vaiaku Funafuti before close of office on Friday 24th February 2017 at 4.00pm.

Applicants applying from the outer islands may send their applications by boat or email to the following addresses: before the closing date and time.