Administration Group

The Administration section of the Department is responsible for a range of activities, including:

  • Advising the Minister, Cabinet and Parliament on fishery policy issues and high-level developments within the sector;
  • Negotiating fishery access agreements with distant water fishing nations, associations, fleets and companies;
  • Economic analysis of fishery development and management options;
  • Ensuring consistency between fishery revenue information held by the TFD and the Treasury Department of MFED;
  • Promoting and managing fishery joint ventures and other commercial activities in which the Government of Tuvalu has an interest, including support for NAFICOT;
  • Ongoing review of Tuvalu’s fishery legislation to ensure it remains compliant with international treaties and arrangements to which Tuvalu is a party;
  • Assisting the Attorney-General’s Office and other relevant government departments in regard to incidents of non-compliance with Tuvalu’s fishery laws;
  • Providing access to information on Tuvalu fisheries, including through the development and maintenance of a Fisheries Department library and website;
  • Production of public information materials on the work of the Department, and the Tuvalu fisheries sector in general;
  • Representing Tuvalu at high-level fishery discussions and negotiations; and
  • Managing and keeping records of departmental expenditure, travel, training and personnel issues.

The Administration section leads and supports the operations of the entire Department. It provides the critical links between the Department and domestic, national and international agencies.  It also provides the links between the three major sections within the Department (the Oceanic Division, the Operations & Development Division, and the Coastal Division) and its activities cut across the Department’s annual work plan.  The Management Team consists of the Director, the Deputy Director, Technical Advisors, Legal Officer, Fisheries Economist, Fisheries Media Officer, and all Heads of Sections. In order to improve the monitoring and evaluation of the Department’s daily activities, the administration section is tasked to provide the necessary support to all staff in their efforts to carry out their duties and responsibilities.