Expressions of interest: Boatbuilding Trainees for Tuvalu Fisheries Department

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department is recruiting six trainees to work on a Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) boat building project here on Funafuti Island.

Successful applicants will work on a project building more than 50 paddling canoes and will learn how to read boat plans and use power tools and modern materials for wooden boat building. Further training in building fibreglass boats may also be provided.

Successful applicants should be available 5 days per week from January to May 2021. There are no wages, but they will be paid a training allowance of $20 AUSD per day.

Applicants must be physically and mentally fit, have basic carpentry skills, and be willing to work and keen to learn.

There will be a short carpentry test to select the best applicants. Male and female are both welcome to apply.

To register your interest OR if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Vitolia Famasino at Tuvalu Fisheries Department, Teone Funafuti OR email her at, OR you can reach her at the telephone number, 20 343 during working hours only.