Guidelines to get a Tuvalu Fishing Permit

Below are the steps and guidelines on how to apply and get a Tuvalu Fishing Permit.

  1. Company contact Tuvalu Fisheries Department, requesting Fishing Permit;
  2. Negotiation between Fisheries Official on behalf of the Government of Tuvalu with Company official;
  3. Signing of Access Agreement between the 2 parties Fisheries official and Fishing Company;
  4. Company official contact Tuvalu Fisheries Department through Licensing officer (via email);
  5. Licensing officer instruct Fishing Company on how to lodge application online to PNA FIMS;
  6. Licensing officer send invoice to Fishing Company;
  7. License certificate is delivered once payment is remit by Fishing Company;
  8. License certificate is signed by Director of Fisheries and stamped office seal;
  9. License scan copy can be email to Company, while the original copy can be sent through DHL by company’s local agent, if requested.

The cycle shows how to get a Tuvalu Fishing Permit