Internal Management

The TFD work programme in 2018 will continue to focus on strengthening of the Department’s internal management and coordination arrangements and just like in 2017, it will be done primarily through monthly meetings of the internal Senior Management Committee (SMC). the SMC was formalized in 2015 compromising the Director, Deputy Director, Legal Officer, Fisheries Economist, Information Officer, PFO Oceanic, PFO Coastal, PFO Operations & Development, and Technical Advisers. The SMC will continue to meet approximately monthly and will review the implementation of the Work Programme   based on the reports to be provided by each member prior to each meeting. Quarterly meetings of all TFD staff will also be held to discuss the implemented activities, as well as professional and social issues within the department.

The SMC committee also oversees the use of funding from the two donor-funded programmes mentioned above (TFSP) and (PROP). The committee is expected to meet quarterly to review programme plans, activities, expenditure and reports. The NAPA II and R2R projects have their own governing Boards but would benefit from the technical advice and coordination function of a SMC focusing on their fisheries components, which are significant (more than half the project budget in each case). In 2016, it was observed that none other than SMC members attended the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings, therefore SMC members decided that the same committee will also look after these projects. In order to ensure full coordination,and also minimize the number of meetings to be held, SMC will include these project items in their monthly meetings to review the implementation of the work program relating to Fisheries. Updates from these projects will have to come through their Fisheries counterparts; which are the Coastal Fisheries and Operation and Development Sections.

Over the longer term it is expected that the PAC will evolve into a broader Fisheries Advisory Committee, comprising representatives of all fishery sector stakeholder, as recommended by a number of previous advisory missions to Tuvalu, and also stipulated in Tuvalu’s Tuna Fishery Management and Development Plan.

2018 will see the introduction of improved travel reporting, under which TFD staff will be required to submit mission reports and, where appropriate, make presentations on the results of their travel at TFD seminars. The first of these seminars took place as a pilot exercise in 2014 and will strengthen in 2018 once everyone moves in to the new office building.

The Fisheries Department promotes an active social life, both for the enjoyment of staff and to help maintain a cohesive social environment. The Department’s Social Committee organised regular sporting activities, musical events and social functions, and participates in inter-departmental and other competitions. In future it is planned to introduce additional activities, such as canoe racing and fishing competitions. Some of these will be open to public participation, in order to better promote the Department’s activities among the broader community.