Fisheries Revenues Hit an All-time High

imageThe Government of Tuvalu Monthly Reporting Dashboard for September 2015 shows Fisheries revenues for the country at the highest level ever. The total contribution to the government’s revenues from Fishery licenses now accounts for 49% of all income at a staggering AUD 23.7 million dollars (year to date) (figure left). The value of Fishery licenses now far exceeds (green line) the conservative projected income from licenses shown in the figure right (dotted line). image

A year ago, in September 2014, revenues from fishery licenses amounted to under AUD 6.6 millions, or about 16% of total revenue. By December 2014 that climbed to AUD 16 million, or 28% of the total.

The big jump in September this year represents a payment received for the US Tuna Treaty. The Fisheries Department has been working hard to increase the revenue to the government, and we are now seeing the signs of our success.