NAPA2 on the Move

Reef Channels 2003The NAPA2 project is on the move.

Senior Fisheries Officers for the Coastal Fisheries and Operation and Development Sections left Funafuti for the outer islands last night, 10/08/2015, for consultations with all Island Kaupules. They will spend 2 days on each island, so they’ll be back probably in two weeks time. JIAYOU!!!

The second National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA2) supported by UNDP and GEF addresses some of the challenges related to adapting to future impacts of climate change. The project focuses on implementing three priorities areas, namely:

  • Strengthening of community based conservation programmes on highly vulnerable near-shore marine ecosystems
  • Adaptation to near-shore coastal shellfish fisheries resources and coral reef ecosystem productivity; and
  • Strengthening community disaster preparedness and response potential.