Closed : Fisheries officer for outer island: Vacant post (20/02/2018)

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department is inviting a suitably qualified Tuvalu citizens to fill the temporary vacancy position of a Fisheries Officer for Outer islands. It is a ten month contract position and expected to start next month March 2018.

Background Information on the Project
The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD), has an on-going mandate to improve fisheries livelihoods and food security in Tuvalu in line with Te Kakeega III and TFD’s Corporate plan. As part of that work, the Coastal Fisheries Section has been conducting outer island community outreach programmes by visiting these islands four times annually through metronome trips. These metronome trips, enables fisheries officers to carried out regular fisheries work under the coastal annual work plan. These are sea safety training for fishermen, FADs, Ciguatera Fish poison surveys, boat surveys, etc.

In late December 2017, the TFD was informed by the Human Resource Management (HRM) division that one of our fisheries officer has received a government scholarship for further studies abroad. This information came out late after the government 2018 budget has been approved, therefore, we were not able to get funding for a replacement while the officer is absent for study. The officer is responsible for executing outer island activities which is a very vital role within the Coastal Fisheries Section. In addition, currently there are also 2 other vacant positions within the Coastal Fisheries Section that are yet to be filled. This is because of problems associated with the slow recruitment process under the Public Service Commission system for selecting civil servant in Tuvalu. This has really created a great gap that causes major disruption within the work force of the Coastal Fisheries Section which raised a concerned on the TFD on fulfilling those target activities on the outer islands.

The TFD now wishes to engage a temporary replacement for this position to enable implementation of fisheries activities. Future engagement of this appointed contractor is explored with HRM until the substantial holder is returned from study.

Objective(s) of the Assignment
The objectives of the assignment is to create a temporary position on behalf of the fisheries officer whose on training abroad within the Coastal Fisheries Section that would assist the outer island team to implement coastal fisheries activities.

Scope of Work
Under the supervision of the PFO Coastal Fisheries and SFO Management (Outer Islands) the replacement officer’s responsibilities will include:
· Consult regularly with the Kaupule of the outer islands to ascertain their declared need for particular fisheries management advice from the Department.
· Actively participate on any metronome trips to the outer islands
· Participate in field surveys and data collection activities in the outer islands as required
· Ensure the delivery of analysis of catch or other fisheries data collected by Kaupule from the artisanal sector
· Ensure the delivery of particular artisanal fisheries management advice requested by Kaupule
· Undertake regular self-training using books, electronic or other sources to learn the scientific names of all fished resources, continuously improving personal knowledge as time goes on;
· Carefully maintaining all data collected, checking them, ensuring they are complete, storing them safely and sending them to Funafuti with each vessel trip to the island;
· Attending meetings with fishers, the Kaupule, Falekaupule or community held by Coastal staff from Funafuti during their regular metronome trips;
· Assisting with logistics and surveys being carried out by Coastal Staff during their regular metronome trips. This may include additional creel surveys, but may also include other kinds of surveys such as on boats, canoes, assets, conservation areas, FADs or other activities;
· Carrying out any other fisheries-related tasks as may be assigned by the PFO or SFO.

Expected Outcomes
The expected outcomes of this assignment are better deliveries of activities on outer islands to ensure that TFD is able to adequately meet its responsibilities for monitoring and managing coastal fisheries on which the island communities depend. The replacement officer will extend the capabilities of the TFD, so that the outer islands are fully-included in fisheries activities and concerns.

Qualifications and basis for evaluation (Evaluation Criteria)
The contractor must have:
· Diploma or Certificate in Fisheries Management/Fisheries Science or related discipline
· Very good cultural skills and ability be effective in traditional processes or environments
· Very good communication skills with an ability to interact with outer-island stakeholders, in particular artisanal fishers
· Ability and willingness to participate in field work in the outer islands as an when needed
· Excellent organisational and time management skills
· Basic technical knowledge of fisheries stock assessment, setting management objectives and fisheries management tools
· Diligent with an attention to detail
· Basic computer skills
· Good command of written and spoken English
· Able to adapt to changing requirements and situations
· Ability to meet deadlines for reporting.

Desirable qualifications and skills:
· Fisheries Management and data analysis experience

Duration of the Assignment and Estimated Time Inputs
The assignment will be for 10 months. Condition and rules of the GAO are applied once contract has been signed. The officer will be based on Funafuti and work closely with the outer island team under the Coastal Fisheries Section. The starting date of the assignment will be no later than 1st March 2018.

Reporting Requirements
The replacement officer is expected to submit a monthly report to the SFO Management (Outer Islands). The report will be submitted on the last day of each month outlining key achievement, tasks completed and any issues encountered.

Terms & Conditions
· Remuneration will be at level 6/7 of the government salary structure.
· Employer’s National Provident Fund (NPF) contribution of 10% of salary will also be paid.
· Equipment needed for this assignment will be provided by TFD.

Applications for this position should addressed to the Director, Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Natural Resources, Private Mail Bag, Funafuti, or email to or Applications should include a cover letter, explaining the applicant’s reasons and motivation for applying for the assignment, official transcript as well as curriculum vitae which details the applicant’s education, qualifications and work experiences.

The closing date for applications is the close of business 20th February 2018. Applications after this time will not be considered.