Closed:Fisheries officer- Purse Seine Licensing : Vacant Post (1/03/2018)

GOTThe Tuvalu Fisheries Department  under the Tuvalu Government is inviting a suitably qualified Tuvalu citizens to fill in the temporary  vacant position of a Fisheries officer – Purse Seine Licensing which is currently exist within the Fisheries Department. The vacant post is a contract appointment for the duration of 10 months and expected to start next month, March 2018.

Background Information on the Project
The Oceanic Fisheries Section (OFS) under the Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD) oversees the effective monitoring, control and management of industrial tuna fisheries in Tuvalu’s fishery
waters. The Oceanic section has about 9 permanent staffs with contract observers who are employed on contractual basis. The Oceanic Fisheries Section (OFS) headed by the PFO Oceanic and divides into 2 major sub-section, Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS) and the Licensing team which contains only three permanent staffs working under the Licensing team. Tuvalu fisheries Licensing team continue to issue fishing permits/licenses to its bilateral and multilateral fishing partners from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Fiji, Kiribati, New Zealand, US fleet, FSM arrangement and its domestic fleet. All interested companies to fish in our waters must first signed and finalize a fisheries access agreement with the Tuvalu Government through the Fisheries Department before they are authorized to fish in our waters. All these access agreements/ licenses/permits and fees were all monitored and managed by the licensing team as part of their daily job. The TFD was just informed by the Human Resource Management (HRM) division that two of our Oceanic fisheries officers which includes (Observer Coordination and Purse Seine Licensing Officer) were both received a government scholarship for further studies abroad. This information came out late after the government 2018 budget has been approved, therefore, we were not able to get funding for a replacement while the officers were absent for study. The Purse Seine Licensing Officer assists the Senor Fisheries Officer – Licensing in the preparation of Purse Seine vessel licences for foreign fishing vessels operating in Tuvalu’s EEZ, the collection and collation of relevant data and fees relating to those licences and the ongoing management and monitoring of the licences. The TFD now wishes to engage a temporary replacement for this position to enable implementation of OFS ongoing activity in terms of preparing licenses for authorisation of Purse seine fishing vessels operating in Tuvalu’s EEZ. Future engagement of this appointed contractor is explored with HRM until the substantial holder is returned from study.

Objective(s) of the Assignment
The objective of the assignment is to create a temporary position on behalf of the Oceanic Fisheries Officer who’s absent on further study abroad, the said position would prepare purse seine vessel licences for authorisation with the correct general and specific license conditions and other information attached.

Scope of Work
Under the supervision of the PFO Oceanic Fisheries and SFO Licensing the replacement officer’s responsibilities will include:
· Assist the SFO Licensing to prepare purse seine vessel licences for authorisation with the correct general and specific license conditions and other information attached
· Assist in the collection and collation of catch and other data supplied by purse seine licence holders and update all Departmental and regional databases (such as TUFMAN) as required
· Report all breaches of data provision responsibilities or any other observed irregularities by purse seine licence holders to the SFO Licensing
· Assist in the processing of purse seine licence fees and Vessel Day payments owed to the Government of Tuvalu and report any arrears or other observed irregularities to the SFO Licensing
· Provide other administrative support, data entry and information support to promote the efficient operations of the Purse Seine Licensing function as directed by the SFO Licensing
· Undertake other duties as directed

Expected Outcomes
The expected outcomes of this assignment will significantly contribute towards achieving Fisheries corporate plan and also lead to achieving Strategy 2 of Te Kakeega III which is on ensuring Tuvalu complies in full with WCPFC requirements. The replacement officer will extend the capabilities of the TFD to ensure the ongoing management and monitoring of the licences.

Qualifications and basis for evaluation (Evaluation Criteria)
The contractor must have:
· Diploma or Certificate in Management/Financial or Fishery related discipline
· Accurate data entry and word processing skills
· Diligent with an attention to detail
· Basic computer skills
· Good command of written and spoken English
· Good communication skills with an ability to interact with all stakeholders
· Good time management skills
· Possess flexibility and ability to adapt appropriately to workload patterns in the Licensing area Desirable qualifications and skills:
· Administrative background
· Experience with contract management would be an advantage

Duration of the Assignment and Estimated Time Inputs
The assignment will be for 10 months. Condition and rules of the GAO are applied once contract has been signed. The officer will be based on Funafuti and work closely with the Licensing team under the Oceanic Fisheries Section. The starting date of the assignment will be no later than 6th March 2018.

Reporting Requirements
The replacement officer is expected to submit a quarterly report and annual report to the SFO Licensing. Additional reports may be required under the direction by the Director of Fisheries (DOF).

Terms & Conditions
· Remuneration will be at level 7/6 of the government salary structure.
· Employer’s National Provident Fund (NPF) contribution of 10% of salary will also be paid.
· Equipment needed for this assignment will be provided by TFD.

Applications for this position should addressed to the Director, Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Natural Resources, Private Mail Bag, Funafuti, or email to or Applications should include a cover letter, explaining the applicant’s reasons and motivation for applying for the assignment, official transcript as well as curriculum vitae which details the applicant’s education, qualifications and work experiences.

The closing date for applications is the close of business 1st March 2018. Applications after this time will not be considered.