Fisheries staff build their capacity on types of fishing techniques

DSC02627Staff of the Operation and Development section within the Fisheries Department underwent a week-long training from 24th May to the 1st of June 2018 on bottom fishing techniques and the use vacuum packaging using a sealer machine.

The training was facilitated by an expert on fishing and food technology from the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation (OFCF), Mr. Keizo Takashi and with the help of Toma Hayashi, Operation & Development Technical Advisor.

During the week, three days were spent on trial fishing for squid, trying to find out whether or not there are squids in our ocean.

Two days of the training were spent on trial fishing for yellow fin tuna using electric reel and the final three days were spent on fish smoking and vacuum seal packing.

Mr. Keizo said, “The trial fishing for squid and yellow fin tuna was unsuccessful but I will come back in October this year to try again.”

Mr. Tupulaga, the Principal Fisheries Officer for the Operation and Development said, “When Mr. Keizo leaves for Japan, the operation and development staff will continue to explore trial fishing for squid and yellow fin tuna once a month.”

These exploratory fishing techniques were made in order to get new ideas on fishing techniques with an effort to divert fishing pressure off reef fish.

The training is also to adequately equip Operation and Development section staff to become trainers in these fishing areas, where they will be required to share their knowledge and skills with local fishermen at a later stage if the outcome of trial fishing is successful.

This training was funded by the OFCF of Japan.