A Letter of Congratulation from the SILLA Company., Ltd.

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD) truly appreciates the thoughtful donation from one of its fishing partner the SILLA Company., Ltd., in supporting its first World Tuna Day this year. The TFD received a letter of congratulation from the SILLA Company., Ltd. on Tuesday the 7th May 2019 after the World Tuna Day event. Mr Lee, President of the SILLA Company., Ltd. thanked the Director of Fisheries, Mr Samasoni Finikaso and his staff for achieving the important event, especially as this was the first World Tuna Day to be held in Tuvalu.

In summation, Mr Lee said in his email that, “SILLA is really happy to hear that their contribution was helpful and successfully accomplished the World Tuna Day in Tuvalu”. Mr Lee also added that SILLA hopes this event and the day will be celebrated and remembered in future years.image