Refresher training for Funafuti Fishermen: New fishing techniques

IMG_0135The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD), in collaboration with  the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) of Japan, have been providing technical training for local fishermen in Funafuti.

Mr Keizo Takahashi, a specialist expert in fishing techniques and post-harvest processing of fish, from OFCF Japan, facilitated this training. Assistance was provided by TFD’s Operations and Development (O&D) Fisheries officers and Mr Toma Hayashi, the O&D Fishery Advisor.

The training is part of the technical assistance provided by OFCF of Japan, with the help of the TFD. The training focused mainly on new methods of fishing. Fishermen upgraded their skills learning to use new fishing gears and new techniques for trolling.

The training, run at the Fisheries building, commenced last week and ended this week with the construction of a smoking box.

There were 20 participants, fishermen, who attended the training. Mr Nelly Seniola, Operation & Development Fisheries Training Officer said that the training was indeed advantageous and successful.

One of the fisherman participants, Mr Faatumua Suinauna, said, “the training was indeed important for us fishermen, where from my point of view  I have  learned quite new methods of utilizing new fishing gears, and most important was the part on construction’s of a smoke box”. Mr Suinauana also thanked OFCF expert officers and Fisheries staff for their great support in providing such training in updating fishermen on new fishing techniques.

The training was funded by the OFCF of Japan.

IMG_0158The OFCF have been working in collaboration with the TFD in terms of providing technical and financial support through Fisheries Development Assistance. OFCF is a non-profit organization which conducts cooperative programs under general guidance and funding contributions from the Japanese Government.