New Zealand continue it support to TFD

TFSP meetingThe Tuvalu Fisheries Department  TFD Senior Management staff and other stakeholders held a video conference with the design consultants for the next phase of New Zealand support for the fisheries sector. The consultants are Ian Cartwright in Tasmania and Kirsty Burnett in Wellington. Participants from other agencies were from the Ministry of Finance (The Planning and Budget Unit), Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute, the PROP Project, NAFICOT, NZ MFAT Aid Programme and the President of the Fishermen on Funafuti Association FOFA. Mr Falasese Tupau, Acting CEO of the Ministry of Fisheries and Trade chaired the meeting.

The main purpose of the video conference/meeting was to brief participants on the design of the Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme TFSP Phase 2 and take on board any feedback. The project has been approved in principle by NZ MFAT, and this meeting was held to help finalise the design document of the second phase of this Project, which is in line with the Tuvalu Fisheries Corporate Plan 2020 – 2022 priority objectives. The video conference held at the Sir Tomasi Puapua Convention Centre yesterday the 20th October 2020.

The New Zealand Aid Programme has provided support to the Fisheries sector in Tuvalu for the past five years through the Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme TFSP (Phase 1). This has included the construction of the new TFD office at Teone, a range of equipment and short consultancies and technical advisers. The new project will build on the success of phase 1, but with more focus on developing fishing activities and increasing fish supplies in Tuvalu.

It is planned that the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade MFAT will sign a grant funding arrangement with Tuvalu for the new 5-year project this year in December, with project activities starting at the beginning of 2021.