Tuvalu Fisheries goes further with National Observer Programme train the trainer.

IMG_0039Tuvalu Technical Adviser on the Observer Programme, Manoi Kutan and Gagati Falaima, Acting Coordinator of Observers, have been working to strengthen the National Observer Programme through a train the trainer programme with lead assessors. The introduction to the training was held last week.

The National Observer Program in Tuvalu TVNOP has over 70 observers but does not have national observer trainers to provide training for observers in the country. Therefore, these trainee trainers have been identified to learn how to carry out this training. The program provides one-time training only.

The course of study is an innovation in that it combines the University of the South Pacific Certificate IV in training and evaluation with the certified Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observer Trainer training.

Manoi Kutan, Tuvalu Fisheries Technical Advisor for Observers, said: “The training will make it possible for candidates to continue their training by participating in sub-regional training for certified trainers. They will require six attachments (on-the-job-training) as required under PIRFO Trainer certification requirement before they can be certified as PRIRFO trainers.”

This train-the-trainer programme is one of the professional paths of the observer programme. When qualified, these trainers will also be able to train other Pacific Islanders in other countries.