Tuvalu Fisheries New Vessel: Construction Completed for the MANAUI II.

IMG_6533 (1)The Construction of the new Multi-Purpose vessel named Manaui II for the Tuvalu Fisheries Department has been completed.

The Manaui II was built under the Project for the Construction of the Multi-Purpose Vessel for Outer Islands Development and funded by the Japanese aid agency JICA.

The Manaui II was launched at Nishi-F CO., Ltd. Shipyard, Awano, Japan on the 16th of November, 2020. The onboard inspection was carried out and integrity of the hull and sea lines was checked.

Mr Shuhei Soeda, Project Manager of the Fisheries Engineering Co., Ltd. reported: “Watertightness of hull and sea lines are confirmed and the Manaui II is now ready and is moored at Shipyard’s wharf. Works with the fitting and machinery will be continued at the wharf”.

There are a few differences between the old Manaui and the Manaui II. The new vessel, at 19 meters length, is bigger. She has also been designed to carry more passengers, whereas Manaui was designed more to carry fish.

The main task of Manaui II will be to support fisheries management and development on the outer islands. Fisheries officers will utilize this new vessel to provide good services to the outer islands.

Tupulaga Poulasi says, “ fisheries development will progressively run well, where fisheries officer can travel to and fro the outer islands and also accomplish the activities that need to be done at sea”.

The Manaui II is due to be delivered to Tuvalu onboard a Kyowa Lines ship, which will divert from its normal route to deliver the vessel on 13th March 2021.