Capacity development on Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) for the Lofeagai community

The Lofeagai community developed their understanding of Artisanal FADs and their importance, facilitated by officers of the Departments of Fisheries and Meteorology, yesterday evening 22 February 2022, at the Lofeagai Community Hall.

3 officers conducted the workshop. Pafini Fepuali Fisheries Operation & Development officer presented what is a FAD and its importance. Nelly Seniola Senior Fisheries Officer for Development and Training presented the types of FAD utilized in the area around Funafuti. Tavau  Vaaia Simeona, a Forecast Scientific meteorological officer, shared what a wave buoy is, how important it is and how it works. Over 20 individuals from the Lofeagai community participated in the artisanal FAD outreach.

Nelly Seniola, Senior Fisheries Officer, stated “The artisanal FAD awareness-raising is part of the Fisheries work plan activity for this year in collaboration with the meteorological department. Lofeagai is the first community we started with. Educating communities about artisanal FADs and their importance is critical,” Nelly added.

A Lofeagai community participant, Timaio Auega showed his gratitude to the Fisheries and meteorology team for sharing the information on artisanal FAD and their importance which he found interesting and significant.

The artisanal FAD capacity building will continue to Fakaifou community today evening at 7 pm, followed by the Vaiaku community tomorrow evening at 7 pm also.