Newly recruited fisheries officers for Outer-island communities.

7 new community fisheries officers have been recruited by the TFD to manage and develop community fisheries in each of Tuvalu’s main outer islands.

The seven new CFOs and the island that will be their work base, are:

Panapa Tofiga – Nanumea

Ielemia Kapua – Nanumaga

Savelio Kaveni – Niutao

Sione Tepaa – Nui

Amoga Fuafanua – Nukufetau

Alama Sione – Vaitupu &,

Isaako Teoli – Nukulaelae.

The 7 new CFO’s will start with a training program of around 10 weeks. Depending on travel arrangements, this will begin on 13th or 20th September through to the end of November this year. The program includes two weeks of training at the Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute TMTI, four weeks of training in the TFD office and three weeks of practical training in FADs and FAD fishing, fish processing and fisheries data collection.

Tuvalu Fisheries Advisor, Michael Batty said that the CFOs are a new initiative to strengthen the outreach of the Fisheries Department and provide a service to fishermen and the community. It also adds to the employment opportunities for young people in the outer islands.

These new positions will be under three-year contracts funded by the Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme Phase 2, TFSP2 and to be continued after that through government funding if possible.

Fishers on Tuvalu Northern Island boost their understanding of new fishing practices by utilizing new fishing gear

Four TFD staff travelled on the old RV Manaui early this month to conduct new fishing methods training to 20 fishermen on each remote northern island of Tuvalu included, Nanumaga, Nanumea and Niutao in order to further their knowledge on new fishing methods utilizing new fishing gears provided by the Overseas Fisheries Cooperative Foundations OFCF, Japan. These new fishing techniques were developed to adapt local fishers so that they might also specialise in pelagic species instead of fishing and disrupting inshore marine resources.

The training began with the in-class session with tackle handed out to each fisherman as well they were taught on the installation of every gear. The second portion of the training is where fishermen went out to sea on the old RV Manaui from 2 am to 2 pm for a practical on four forms of fishing, includes vertical longliner fishing, squid fishing, electric reel fishing and mid-water trawling utilizing their new fishing gears.

Nelly Seniola, Fisheries Operation & the development Training Officer, stated, “This fishing trip training is a five-yr program. The govt of Tuvalu is working in collaboration with the OFCF project in Japan on the supplying latest fishing gear”.

‘Nukulaelae and Vaitupu were the first islands to place this training into practice,’ he added.

One of the participants of the training, a fisherman from Nanumea commented that he did learn a lot of new things like fitting new fishing gears and therefore the most vital piece is that he can do other sorts of fishing methods rather than just trolling because it was the principal sort of fishing that they used to which is expensive and time consumed.

Training began on Nanumaga Island, followed by Nanumea and finally on Niutao Island. The training was progressively completed in the week along the island of Niutao where TFD personnel have returned safely back to the capital, Funafuti, today Sunday, August 29th.

Request for Quotations: Local Construction Company to build a Seawall to the Lagoon side of TFD Office

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD), implementing the New Zealand funded Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme Phase 2, is seeking quotations from suitably qualified and experienced local building companies for some minor construction work to improve the area on the lagoon side of the TFD Office at Teone.

Please see the attached documents for details:

1.     Request for quotations with bid and contract form;

2.     Outline drawings of the work;

3.     A list of materials that will be provided by the TFD;

Or you can pick up a set of these documents free of charge at the TFD Office.

Request for Quotations: Consultancy on Development of a Domestic Tuna longline fishery

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD), implementing the New Zealand funded Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme Phase 2 (TFSP2), is seeking quotations from suitably qualified and experienced consultants to advise on the options for development of a domestic tuna longline fishery operating mainly in the Tuvalu EEZ. 

Details are provided in the terms of reference (TOR) attached in the following link –

Tender for shore-based radar equipment

The Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme Phase 2 (TFSP2) project is seeking tenders for two shore-based radar systems for monitoring of fisheries activities in Funafuti lagoon. Tenders close on 25th August.

Please see the attached invitation in this link ( for bids which includes contact details for more information.”

New Zealand Funded TFSP2 holds its first Governance Committee Meeting

MFAT-logoThe New Zealand funded Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme Phase Two (TFSP2), which started in January this year, recently held its first six-monthly Governance Committee meeting to review progress with the project. The meeting, between senior officials of the Tuvalu Ministry of Fisheries and Trade and New Zealand’s MFAT was held by video conference on 27th July.

The meeting noted that the first few months of the project have mainly been devoted to procurement and recruitment activities, but it is now well placed to make progress with a number of important activities in the next six months. These include:

  • Fibreglass boatbuilding – construction of a mold and five new fibreglass trolling skiffs, and training of local boatbuilders in how to make them – materials and tools have been received in Tuvalu and work will start as soon as the first batch of FAO canoes are completed.
  • Community Fisheries Officers for 7 outer islands – advertisement has closed and candidates in four islands have completed the pre-selection test. Once all CFOs have been selected, they will do a 10-week training course in Funafuti.
  • A study of new surveillance technology – the study has been completed and tender documents are now ready for supply of two shore-based radar systems to monitor transhipment in the lagoon and the Funafuti Conservation Area. A trial of satellite surveillance of the EEZ is also planned.
  • Construction of a seawall and hard standing on the lagoon side of the Fisheries Office – designs have been completed and materials ordered;
  • Construction of a mariculture hatchery at the Teone site – designs completed and building materials ordered; tanks, pumps and pipework are already on site.

The programme also supports the position of Fisheries Adviser in Tuvalu, and has just recruited a new Inshore Fisheries Adviser to work with the Coastal Section of the Fisheries Department.

The committee considered a number of studies and consultancies which had been planned for the first year of the project, but have been difficult to arrange due to restrictions on travel during the COVID pandemic. The Committee agreed that all except one of these studies should be kept on hold until the end of the year, in the hope that borders may reopen in 2022.

The Director of Fisheries Mr Samasoni Finikaso, on behalf of the government of Tuvalu, thanked his colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for New Zealand’s continuing support to the Fisheries sector in Tuvalu. This will be particularly important in the months ahead as the World Bank PROP project comes to an end.

Launching of the first new paddling canoe at Fisheries

An FAO boat builder, Tuvaluan boat builder and six boatbuilding trainees launched the first new paddling canoe this morning (27th July), at the Tuvalu Fisheries jetty at Teone. These canoes are being built for the purpose of replacing canoes destroyed by cyclone Tino in the outer islands, as well as providing some extra canoes for use by communities on each remote island of Tuvalu.

The canoe project targeted building 45 paddling canoes this year. It has been delayed by problems with the delivery of tools and materials due to COVID19, but the team have managed to make some progress with what has been available to them. The first new paddling was launched today and four more are nearly ready.

When these first five have been completed, the team will then switch to making fibreglass boats, and fibreglass fish driers while waiting for more canoe materials to be delivered. They will then complete the other 40 canoes quite quickly.

Mike Batty, Fisheries Adviser said, “The canoe project is making progress, despite problems with the delivery of materials to Tuvalu. TFD is building capacity to make boats of different designs and from different materials here in Tuvalu. This creates jobs, helps keep money in the local economy, and provides high-quality boats that can be made and repaired locally”.

The canoes are made from modern materials (plywood and epoxy glues and resins) so they are lighter than traditional canoes as well as lasting longer, and there is no need to cut down trees.

Closed: Request for Quotations: Consultancy to provide financial advice to the FOFA Fish Market

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD), implementing the FAO Fish FAD Project, is seeking quotations from suitably qualified and experienced national consultants to provide advice and mentoring to staff at the FOFA Fish Market in Funafuti in financial management.

The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment can be downloaded here at TOR – FOFA Financial Advice

Timing and delivery

This is a part-time consultancy. It is expected that inputs of around 30 working days will be provided over the next 4 months or so. The suggested inputs are as follows: Week 1 – 5 days; Weeks 2 to 11 – 2 days per week; Weeks 12 to 17 – 1 day per week; all spent working at the FOFA market.

The consultancy will start as soon as possible after this selection process, and consultants should confirm their availability.

Requirements (qualifications and experience)

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria by the senior management committee of the TFD:

· Relevant qualifications in book-keeping, accounting or business management;

· Good knowledge of stock control, preferably with perishable products, and how to price food products made locally;

· Experience in successfully running a small business;

· Value for money (fee rate).

Submission of proposals

Interested consultants should submit the following information in support of their proposal:

a) Confirmation of the dates on which they will be available;

b) A brief curriculum vitae of the consultant or consultants with examples of their work that show their suitability for the assignment;

c) A cost estimate providing fees (daily rate and total). A daily fee contract in Australian Dollars, with payment monthly, is preferred.

Proposals should be delivered by hand to the Fisheries Department or sent by email to and should reach him by 5.00 p.m. local time (in Tuvalu) on Friday 18th June 2021. Any questions on the proposed consultancy can be sent to the same email address and will be answered within 3 working days.

This request for proposals should not be construed as an offer to any consultant contacted. TFD reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to negotiate with any bidder if the original proposal is not acceptable.


The Department of Fisheries under the Ministry of Fisheries and Trade hereby announces that we are recruiting 6 crew to work and to operate the New Manaui II.

The 6 crew are as follows:

1. 1x- Captain at Level -4

2. 1x- Engineer at Level- 5

3. 1x- Mate at Level- 5

4. 1x-Assistant Engineer at Level -6

5. 1x- Bosun at Level 6

6. 1x- Crew (Cook) at Level 7

Further details and task description for the above vacancies please click on the above list of crews to download it.

These positions will be on contract basis for 6 months with the possibility to extend based on the satisfaction of their performances during the contract period.

Interested applicants should submit the following:

· Application Letter

· Certified copies of relevant qualifications and certificates

· Curriculum Vitae –CV

Application should be addressed to:

· Mr Falasese Tupau

· Acting Permanent Secretary –Ministry of Fisheries and Trade

And to be submitted to the Ministry of Fisheries and Trade- Headquarter –HQ – First Floor, North Wing, Government Building, Vaiaku, Funafuti. No later than 4:30 PM Tuesday, 4th of May, 2021.

For further inquiries please call 20-160 or email, The Terms of References are also available in the Ministry of Fisheries and Trade – HQ.

Vacancy Advertisement: 7 Community Fisheries Officers

The TFSP2 project under the Tuvalu Fisheries Department is recruiting seven Community Fisheries Officers – one to work in each of the islands of Nanumea, Nanumaga, Niutao, Nui, Vaitupu, Nukufetau and Nukulaelae. If you are a Form six leaver with good grades in Maths and English, or you have completed training as a seaman at Amatuku, and you want to work in Fisheries in your home island, we would like to hear from you. We are looking for people who are keen to help manage and develop fisheries in their communities. You should be physically fit, keen on fishing and diving and with good practical skills.

These are contract positions for up to 3 years but may continue after that time subject to Government funding. The pay is based on Level 8/7 in the Government scale with a starting salary of $10,482 per year. Successful applicants will receive a 10-week training programme at TMTI and Fisheries before starting work, as well as further short in-service courses.

Click on the link provided here at to download the full job description,  or pick up a hard copy at the Reception at our office in Teone. Application letters should be sent by email to or you can deliver a hard copy to the Fisheries office. Applications close on 21st May.