TFD Donated canoes for Fetuvalu High School, a fiber glass boat and motor engine for FOFA

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department handed over 4 canoes to Fetuvalu High School and 1 fiberglass boat with 40 hp outboard motor to FOFA on Wednesday the 16th of November 2022.
The Director of Fisheries, Samasoni Finikaso signed off a handover form confirmation of donations with the two recipients, FOFA CEO, Ioapo Tapu and Fetuvalu High School Principal, Pati Eka. The event took place at the Fetuvalu High School and the FOFA premises. The Manager of the TFSP, Noa Petulei and the Fisheries Advisor, Mike Batty also attended the event.
The Tuvalu Fisheries Support Program Manager, Noa Petueli said, “The TFD would like to assure the public that promoting fisheries throughout the country is a high priority”.
The canoe building was initiated under an FAO project, and TFSP2 took over to make sure that the required number of canoes could be completed. TFSP2 has also funded the building of the first-ever fiberglass boat which was donated to the FOFA along with a 40hp outboard motor to support the FOFA fishing initiatives.