25 Funafuti fishing boat owners receive new grab bags and training from TFD

Operation & Development officers of the TFD delivered sea safety grab bags to 25 Funafuti fishing boat owners, as well as conducting inspections and refresher training for grab bags on the first day, Monday 28th November. Training on fishing techniques, namely mid-water trolling, was delivered on the second day, Tuesday 29th November this week at the Nanutasi meeting hall.

These 25 fishing boat owners were nominated based on the surveys of active fishermen done by the fisheries officers.

Lealai Bataka, Assistant Fisheries Officer, urged fishermen to recognize the value of these assets to their lives and to Tuvalu as a whole. “As a result, it is essential to keep safety equipment on board every time you go fishing,” he added.

Tianamo Lusia, a Funafuti fisherman, thanked TFD for their assistance in providing these valuable assets and training. He also reminded fishermen to help any boat in distress immediately as he explained an issue faced by one of the fishermen.

More than 40 Funafuti fishermen took part in the grab bag inspection and training. Fishermen with old grab bags also took part in the training, where their grab bags were inspected, and a grab bag refresher course was given to them.

The nominated 25 fishermen, on the other hand, were trained on how to use each piece of equipment in the grab bag as well as new fishing techniques and mid-water trolling methods.

These assistance components are one of TFD’s priority activities under its Corporate Plan 2020-22, which commits to assisting artisanal fishermen, ensuring the sustainable use of marine resources, and, most importantly, improving livelihoods and fishermen’s safety at sea.