Request for Quotations – Minor Works Construction of a Mariculture Hatchery Building at the Fisheries Site, Teone

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD), implementing the New Zealand-funded Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme Phase 2 (TFSP2), is seeking quotations from suitably qualified and experienced local building companies to construct a mariculture hatchery building at the Fisheries site at Teone. This is a ‘labour and plant hire’ contract only. The necessary materials will be provided by the TFD and be on-site before construction starts.

Design drawings

Copies of the detailed drawings, specifications and materials list can be obtained free of charge from the TFD Office and should be viewed with this RFQ. Prospective bidders are encouraged to visit the site.

Timing and delivery

It is intended that construction will start as soon as all materials have been delivered from Fiji and cleared from the wharf. This is expected to be before the end of January.

Requirements (qualifications and experience)

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria by the senior management committee of the TFD:

  • Relevant experience in construction projects of this type;
  • Evidence of completing at least two construction projects of a similar or more excellent value in the last 24 months;
  • Experience in the construction of concrete block buildings, including arranging plant hire;
  • Value for money.

Submission of proposals

Interested bidders should submit the following information in support of their proposal on the attached forms:

  1. A completed Bid and Contract form (attached) with all highlighted sections completed. This includes the expected completion date for the project, cost estimate and cost breakdown into stage payments;
  2. A cover letter that provides: (i) The names and qualifications/experience of key personnel; and (2) A statement of projects completed with contact details for the clients.

Proposals should be delivered to the Fisheries Department Office by 3.00 p.m. on Tuesday 14th February 2023, and marked “Hatchery Tender – Attention Noa Petueli TFSP2 PROJECT MANAGER”.

This request for proposals should not be construed as an offer to any company contacted. TFD reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to negotiate with any bidder if the original proposal is not acceptable.

Outline Specification:

The tender is for the construction of a concrete block-work single-storey building with reinforced concrete columns and a colorbond roof. The building includes a timber-frame extension with shade cloth to house outdoor tanks, as well as the installation of rainwater and seawater tanks on concrete supports, wiring and plumbing.

Instructions to Bidders:

  1. Read the Bid and Contract Form, Conditions of Contract, these Instructions to Bidders and any supplemental specifications and drawings identified in the Bid and Contract Form (collectively the “Bid Documents”) before submitting your bid.
  2. Complete the Bid and Contract Form (type or print legibly) and submit the form to the bid submission location before the specified bid closing date and time (bid closing).
  3. You may hand-deliver or e-mail your bid. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your bid is received at the specified location or e-mail address before bid closing.
  4. If you choose to submit your bid in a sealed envelope, ensure the envelope is marked “bid” and identifies the contract name and location. If you fail to so mark the envelope, or if you choose to submit your bid e-mail, you assume the risk of loss of confidentiality of your bid before bid closing.
  5. If you choose to submit your bid via e-mail, send a scanned copy of the completed Bid and Contract Form to the specified e-mail address only. Any other form of e-mail submission will not be accepted.
  6. Up until bid closing, you may, by written request, withdraw a previously submitted bid. After bid closing, your bid cannot be withdrawn and is open to acceptance by us until 14 days after bid closing.
  7. If requested by one or more bidders, bids will be opened and read aloud publicly shortly after bid closing. Alternatively, you will receive the bid results from the Contact Person indicated in the Bid and Contract Form.
  8. We may not necessarily accept the lowest or any bid. We reserve the right to reject any bids.
  9. A legally binding contract will result if and when we complete Part 8 of the Bid and Contract Form and we return a copy to you within 14 days after the bid closing.
  10. Contact the Contact Person indicated in the Bid and Contract Form if you need more information.



Click on the following attachments to download the Bid & Contract Form and the Mariculture Hatchery building drawing.

  1. BID AND CONTRACT FORM _MARICULTURE HATCHERY (4 pages) – part of this document
  2. TFD – Mariculture Facility Project (Final Submission – Full Set)_24.08.22  – Drawings of Mariculture Hatchery building with specifications, BoQ, etc (91 pages).

These forms are also available in hard copy and can be picked up at the TFD Office during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.