20 Participants received certificates in tuna processing and sea safety training

Twenty people, including men and women, received training on tuna processing and sea safety over the course of the last two weeks at Teone.

The aim of the tuna processing training was to minimize waste fish by using all the offcuts, etc., to make delicious products. This was hosted by NAFICOT and used their facilities.

The sea safety training showed local fishermen some ways they might increase their chances of survival if they were lost at sea. This was based at the Fisheries Department office.

Kelvin Passfield, a consultant from Rarotonga, led the training with help from Laitailiu Seono, a local consultant, and Vitolia Famasino, the FAO project officer.

The first week of the training consisted of practical hands-on instruction for 14 persons in the preparation of tuna samosas, tuna bacon, tuna jerky, tuna burgers and tuna sausages. “There are numerous ways to enhance the flavor of tuna while reducing waste” according to Kelvin Passfield.

Six fishermen received training on sea safety, including how to rig a sail so that a boat can be sailed back to the island in case of engine failure. “By being well-prepared and bringing along a few extra goods in your boat, you can increase your chances of survival if you become lost at sea.” Kelvin said. He continued by expressing his admiration for everyone’s passion and how much he enjoyed teaching them. He encouraged participants to share what they had learned with others.

One of the participants acknowledged Mr. Kelvin for presenting this information, which they believe to be crucial given that Tuvalu relies primarily on marine resources for its food supply and the high cost of imported foods. And, of course, they are eager to have more of these training events with new ideas in the future.

The FAO FishFAD Project managed and funded the tuna processing and marine safety training with support from TFD staff.